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Home termitesTo many, the story of Forest Lake is well known. The development was commenced not long after the banning of the Organochlorine class of chemicals and the dodgy practices of several large pest control companies was exposed as a result. These companies had been systematically overdiluting the old Organochlorine chemicals for many years and getting away with it because they were extremely good termiticides, even in low concentrations. When they tried to undermix the new chemicals (which were nowhere near as good) houses started to get attacked even during the construction phase.

This led to Forest Lake getting a bit of a fearsome reputation for termite problems. The dodgy action of a few companies is not the whole story though.

Termite nestA forgotten factor is the integrated bushland throughout this area. Developers deliberately left tracts of bushland, nature strips and many large trees in place. This gave the whole development a lovely bushy character and allowed several species of wildlife to return as soon as the bulldozers had gone. It is one of the finest attributes of the estate. Unfortunately, many of these larger trees contained termite nests of the two nasty species. When you have a well established termite colony left undisturbed right next to a badly undertreated house, you can bet that there is trouble brewing.


Termite solutionsAnother aspect to Forest Lake is the type of houses built there. They are all almost exclusively brick veneer houses, the most vulnerable type. If they had built queenslander style houses on stumps instead, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

There are so many good attributes to this area, dont let the termites disuade you. From the Cascades water features, the lake itself, the quality schools and the ever expanding shopping centre along the boulevarde and Grand avenue; this suburb has a lot to offer.

Dont leave it to chance if you come to live in this beautiful suburb. Get a Termidor perimeter treatment to protect your home!

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