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Your Real Estate Agent may not be the best person to ask for recommendations for Building and Pest Inspections in Brisbane.

Agents often provide cards from the large firms who offer incentives for referrals. Large firms also require their inspectors to carry out up to 9 inspections in a day, so don’t expect to get answers to your questions. You’ll need to read the 21 page report and work it out for yourself. They’ll be in a hurry.

Your agent may recommend his ‘favourite’ inspector for the job, possibly the fastest inspector. Our experience is that they recommend one inspector for their clients and use another for their own inspections.


Termite Solutions recommend the services of Barry Moore Building Inspections.

Barry Moore Building Inspections and Termite Solutions have carried out thousands of  Pre Purchase Inspections together.

Here are some suggestions:-

  • Ask your Building Inspector and Pest Inspector to walk you through the inspection and explain the results to you, so the report doesn’t confuse you.
  • Don’t assume that there won’t be any problems in the home you are buying. Often sellers try to hide problems.  You may be surprised what a competent inspector with a thermal image camera will find. We look for cover-ups.
  • Choose inspectors with good reputations and check their BSA licence numbers on the QBSA website. They have a free license search facility on the site.
  • Don’t use one inspector that does both building and pest inspections, i.e. a ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’. There’s too much at risk. Our insurers tell us that these are the guys that are making the mistakes.
  • Termite Solutions Inspectors now carry out their inspections and reports to the recently released Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase inspections. The new Code of Practice sets minimum standards for these inspections and lifts the bar on those that will be qualified for such inspections.


Contact Termite Solutions to book Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspections with Barry Moore and Mal Brewer.

One Call and We’ll Do it All. We’ll organise the inspection with the buyers and sellers, the agents, tenants etc. If you need a Pool Inspection, we can organise that also. Freecall 1800 009 229.