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The offer of a Free Visual Termite Check with a complete pest control spray for $250 sounds too good to be true, and it is.

Here’s the scam. Next you’ll get ‘Hit Up’ for rodent baiting in your roof for $79 for around 79 cents worth of Rat Bait, whether you need it, or not.  Their ‘Franchised’ pest controller needs to sell these ‘add ons’ to cover franchise fees. McDonalds are experts at this. “Would you like fries with that?”

These are called ‘add ons’.


Termite Solutions will provide a complimentary rodent baiting service in your roof with a termite inspection or treatment as a safety measure.

Just let us know if you think there’s a problem when you make a booking, and we’ll make sure to bring some rodent products with us. No Charge, Libre, Frei, Gratis, бесплатно, Fri, 免费,  حر, δωρεάν, ücretsiz, ฟรี, Walang Bayad, and best of all…it won’t cost you a cent!

As for the Free Visual Check

You’re not likely to receive an inspection to the Australian standard; probably no moisture meter, no thermal camera, usually not even a ‘donger’ and most importantly, no ‘Termite Inspection Report’. That’s why the term ‘Inspection’ is never used by these guys, always ‘Visual Check’ i.e. No Australian Standards need to be adhered to.

The next add on is when you get ‘Hit Up’ with a quote of $6000 or more for 12 months termite monitoring of a normal sized home.

For Parliament House maybe, but not for your small house. That’s Crazy!

Read the fine print if you’ve already received a quote! For your questionable ‘investment’ you’ll receive 6 termite monitoring stations ( cost price approximately $27 each ) and 3 or 4 site visits to check the stations. This amounts to almost $2000 per visit. That’s for the first year. There’s no mention of the damage to your bank balance for next years ‘investment’, or the year after ad infinitum!

“When you hire a Hit Man, watch which way the gun is pointed”.