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Common Termites – Heterotermes

Common Termites – Heterotermes

Heterotermes spp “Innocent or Hijackers?” Threat Level: 6/10? Heterotermes account for very few of the attacks in South East Qld. So why are they getting a high rating? As the the prefix Hetero implies, Heterotermes are rarely found alone. They are most...

Termite Nests

We look for ‘flight holes’ on the side of trees. Our most destructive termite, Coptotermes Acinaciformis, are commonly found inside very large gumtrees, so inspecting all of the large trees nearby for evidence of this species is essential when dealing with...
Termite nests and where to find them.

Termite nests and where to find them.

Identifying the species of termite is usually very easy for good inspectors, not so easy for others, and of no interest to many! There are several species of termites commonly found affecting South East Queensland properties, so when we encounter termites...
Termite Nests and Photos.

Termite Nests and Photos.

Here are a few interesting pictures of termite nests and their workings from our photo library. Mal found this termite stalacmite during a pre-purchase inspection at Sunnybank Hills. It measured 88 cm. from the ground to the floor joist. Termites coming down from the...

Termidor Homeowner’s Video

Termite Solutions technicians use Termidor Products exclusively for their termite treatments. Termite Solutions are accredited and trained Termidor applicators which means that we have signed a statutory declaration that we will apply Termidor at the correct rate, at...