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Whether buying or selling Real Estate, there are some things that you need to be aware of.

Property sale contracts can now include Pest and Building inspection clauses and if, during inspection, problems are found, buyers will often attempt to renegotiate your properties value by Thousands of Dollars.  In a buyers market, vendors have to be prepared to listen.

Common issues are Termite Protection/Damage and Structural faults.

If you have your home inspected before it hits the market and there are Termites or structural problems in or around the home and garden, we’ll find them.  That’s our job.  Without this information it could cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, your contract may crash.

Find the problems, treat the termites, present your home, then sell!  Your agent will love you and you can confidently sail through Buyer inspections already knowing the outcome.


Termite Solutions offers a FREECALL booking service.

We coordinate Pest and Building Inspections with the Agent, the Buyers and the Sellers.  Our Pest and Building Inspectors are specialized in their field, are licensed and insured and each inspector has conducted over several thousand inspections.

Working in conjunction with Barry Moore Building Inspections BSA licence 21978, we can both provide Professional Reports, presented in an easily understood format, (not checklists) with digital photos taken during the inspections to illustrate our comments. Interstate and Overseas clients love our Photo reports.

Our Inspectors can walk clients through inspections and explain both good and bad points of the home. We’ll show you areas of risk, and explain the termite protection methods used. We won’t alarm you, try to sell expensive treatments or home improvements, we just give the facts.

Our reports are available shortly after the inspection for delivery by email, fax, or post, and our reports don’t protect us…..they protect YOU!


Remember… Agents work for Vendors, We work for You

Termite Solutions Proprietor Mal Brewer

Termite Solutions Proprietor Mal Brewer

Termite Solutions Proprietor Mal Brewer, BSA licence 76114, with 19 years experience, specialises in pre-purchase pest inspections and often works in conjunction with Brisbanes most experienced building inspector, Barry Moore.

Mal is happy to explain inspection results to his clients and is happy to supply photos of relevent issues with his reports if requested.





Barry Moore

Barry Moore

Barry Moore has over 30 years experience in conducting building inspections and, together with Termite Solutions inspectors, has carried out several thousand inspections throughout Brisbane suburbs.

Barry will walk his clients through the inspection and explain the relevence of any issues. He attaches photos with his reports if requested.




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