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Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Mal in Consumer Information, Termite Information, Termite Inspections Brisbane

How do I find a competent Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection firm?

You could ask local Real Estate agents or check the community newspaper, and you’ll probably find the names of the better known Building Inspectors or Pest Inspectors in your area. Ensure your inspectors are qualified for your new home with a  termite inspection Brisbane treatment.


Here’s some good advice:-
  • Check the Inspectors  QBCC license numbers on the QBCC website. See if they have had any rectification orders. See how long they have been licensed. Make sure they’ve got lots of Experience. At Termite Solutions, We send No Learners!
  • Don’t choose a building inspector that does both building and pest inspections. He won’t have any practical termite treatment experience. He may not provide practical advice on termites.
  • Make sure you attend the inspection. Don’t be afraid to ask the inspectors any questions that you may have.
  • Once they have done their inspections and explained their findings to you during the inspection, you’ll need to read the report thoroughly.
  • ‘No Termites Found’ does not mean ‘No Risk’.  Read on…
  • Read the Report! Act on the recommendations as soon as you can. Negotiate any issues immediately. QBCC issues must be addressed prior to the contract becoming unconditional.
  • Once you buy the home, act on the recommendations in the report.
  • If the inspectors recommended that work be carried out, there is probably a reason for this, so try to negotiate the cost with the seller. Get some quotes from reputable companies and have the work or treatment carried out as soon as you move in, not after termites have eaten you out of house and home. Don’t be a Termite Statistic!

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